The December Pinkletter: 2011 Reviewed

One of the best parts about December and the winter holidays (besides gifts and fancy parties) is that you can spend time with the ones you love, remembering past events. And in the spirit of this beloved tradition we’re all so fond of, we’re remembering this year’s Pinkletters: 2011’s most defining technology moments.

While new alliances rose in the kingdom and the always-connected frenzy spread fast, Kindle set everyone on Fire and music started breathing new life into social media.

Now get ready for an eventful new year!

1. Nokia Killed Symbian And Teamed Up With Microsoft (Wired)

In the battle for supremacy, this year, a new alliance rose in the smartphones’ kingdom, between the giant manufacturer Nokia and Microsoft… And it seems like Symbian just lost the crown. Nicely done, Microsoft.

2. The Launch of Amazon Android Appstore (TheNextWeb)

Since the number of Android applications was rising fast, it was about time someone put together an Android Appstore. Amazon thought so too, so it got our gratitude and a lawsuit. We assume that Apple wasn’t too impressed, after all.

3. The Turntable Launch (TechCrunch)

Drum rolls please… this year, online music discovered its new shining star – Turntable – turning everyone’s passion for music into an extremely addicting experience and breathing new life into social networking…

4. Spotify’s US Launch (GigaOm)

This frenzy of always-connected trend seems to have spread its wings all over the world. And it’s no wonder Spotify’s launch in the US was so eagerly anticipated for so long… So it was welcomed with a warm law suite.

5. Windows 8 Developer Preview (SlashGear)

From what we know, this autumn was quite a fruitful one, since every company started to reap what they sown during the year. So for those of you who patiently waited, the Windows 8 Developer Preview became available.

6. The Kindle Fire Tablet (Bloomberg)

After all other competitors for Apple’s crown have fallen short, Amazon finally raised a worthy opponent, setting the market on Fire and  making an offer we cannot refuse… or can we?

7. Devastated Apple Staff Celebrates Steve Job’s Life, As World Mourns Death of Visionary Genius (Dailymail)

Unfortunately, the title says it all: regrettably, on the 5th of October, Steve Jobs passed away.

8. iPhone Has A New Core: Siri (The Wall Street Journal)

Keeping the same body we’re all so accustomed to, the new iPhone 4S was given a new core, based on an impressive artificial-intelligence system. Other than that… same old, same old.

9. AT&T Braces for T-Mobile Deal Collapse (Reuters)

After bravely trying to conquer the US market, AT&T started to loose faith, as the merger got stuck in endless bureaucracy. Seems like there’s no happy ending to this story, after all.

10. RIM’s Outage: Nail in Coffin? (InformationWeek)

As if they didn’t already have enough problems with the competition, the unimaginable happened: RIM suffered a three days outage. Sorry, RIM, you just put a nail in your coffin.