The August Pinkletter

The best way to start your day is with a hot coffee and some fresh news. You bring the coffee, we bring the news…But since we know your time is priceless, we put together a monthly Pinkletter to bring you everything that’s newsworthy.

Take a look into the past (browsing) and start making wish lists, because this month we take you to the “Cloud”. Is your browser ready? We bring you some new “touching” features.

But be careful when you start sharing, not everyone is willing to give you a warm “Fair Whale”…we hear there are some plotting over neutrality. And they are bringing robots.

1. Computerworld : 5 Tips to Protect Yourself on Facebook

Everyone wants to make friends and share information with them…but do you really want to share everything? We found some useful tips so you can keep your mystery untouched.

2. CIO: Windows 8: Wish List of Features and Functions

Since Windows 8 will be launching sometime soon in the future, it might be a good idea to skip Santa this year, and simply send your wish list to Microsoft instead. Here are 7 features of nightmare we would all be greatful to say goodbye to…

3. The Wall Street Jounal: On the Web’s Cutting Edge: Anonymity in Name Only

Who said the witches are gone? They just changed their charms. With a simple look into your past (past browsing, of course) [x+1] can discover some pretty amazing things about you…Find out what’s behind it.

4. CIO: Which Apps Shoud You Move to the Cloud? 5 Guidelines

If this playground is no longer enough for you, it’s time to go “play” in the Clouds. Here are 5 guidelines bound to put some wisdom in your choices when you pick your favorite applications.

5. Webmonkey: Is Your Browser Ready for HTML 5?

Announcing the beginning of a new web era, HTML 5 it’s still an unborn king. But until then, you have plenty of time to prepare yourself..and your browser, of course.  Are you ready? Here’s how you can find out.

6. The New York Times: Internet Proposal From Google and Verizon Raises Fears for Privacy

We heard that Google and Verizon are plotting against net neutrality (or what’s left of it, anyway). But will Google put it’s reputation on the line, just to “speed things up” ?

7. Digital Arts: Adobe Photoshop Express Apps Add iPad Support

Seems like everybody bowed in front of iPad. And Adobe’s Photoshop is not an exception. We heard they updated Photoshop Express with some “touching” new features…

8. PC World: Android Explosion: 6 New Products That Aren’t Smartphones

After conquering the mobile market, apparently Google’s Android raised above smartphones and now put its eyes on some other high-technology stuff.  Is this little green robot trying to take over the world?

9. The Official Gmail Blog: Call Phones From Gmail

We bet you’re sick of astronomic phone bills. We know we are…but finally we have some good news: Google just launched the new call phone button on its Gmail menu. Be careful Skype, you have been challenged.

10. Mashable: The Origin of Twitter’s “Fail Whale”

What are your dreams made of? And your nightmares? We are pretty sure they’re shaped as a “Fail Whale”. If you’re curious to find out more about the one who made Twitter crash with style, read Lu’s exclusive interview for Mashable.