The August Pinkletter – Best Marketing Tips of August 2018

Thomas Edison once said “I failed my way to success.” While we don’t want you to fail in your marketing strategy, it’s important to experiment and see what suits your business best. So check out (and try out) our handpicked list of top marketing tips for August 2018.

1. 5 Inspiring Content Marketing Case Studies with Results!

Content marketing is a major part of a business’s overall marketing strategy. Many businesses do it and some are more successful than others. Take a look at these real life examples of productive content marketing campaigns. They may inspire you when planning your own content marketing.

2. Top 24 Business Tax Saving Tips for 2018

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” said Benjamin Franklin. Do you wait to prepare your taxes throughout the year until the last minute? Follow these business tax saving tips to reduce your stress.

3. An Easy Guide to Creating an Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is a key tool in your content marketing. It helps you plan the content you want to make, when to share it and where. Here’s an easy content calendar guide from Search Engine Journal.

4. 11 Deadly Customer Service Phrases to Avoid

Do you know how to handle conversations with unhappy customers? If you’re not careful, your client conversations can take a wrong turn just by using certain phrases. Here are the main ones you should avoid.

5. 8 Sales Industry Insights That Will Help You Sell Smarter [Infographic]

To land a sale with your prospects, whether it’s by phone, email or social, you need to genuinely help the buyer with their issues. So review these key insights and tactics for selling smarter.

6. How to Create Perfectly Optimized Content: 16 Essential Elements

When writing content for the web, you need to follow a few principles. Otherwise, your content won’t be found by search engines and thus your target audience. Take a look at the key pieces for search engine optimized web content.

7. Best Business Books: 50+ Marketing Experts Will Make You Smarter

As a business person, you’ve probably read your fair share of books about business. Still, knowledge is like a bottomless pit and as an entrepreneur you should never stop learning. Check out these business books from top marketers to broaden your business acumen.

8. 9 Secrets to Getting a Response From the CEO in 2018

Sometimes, you want to send a sales email directly to an executive. If you engage them the right way, you have a good chance of landing your sale. But if your pitch is bad, your shot to engage the executive is lost. Check out key tips to grab a CEO’s attention.

9. 100+ Best Interview Questions For Employers to Ask Candidates

When you want to hire someone, there are a ton of different questions you may ask them. But not all questions are created equal. Check out these highly relevant questions you can ask your prospective employees.

10. Finding The Ideal Buyer: The Importance of Establishing a Buyer Persona

To sell your product or service, you need to know who is more likely to buy it. So before you start pitching your offerings, create a buyer persona that would benefit the most from them. Learn the basics of this important, and often-overlooked, step in your marketing plan here.