The August Pinkletter

This month, get ready to make your voice heard and bravely follow your ambitions as you prepare to make a comeback with great expectations.

And as new battles start to loom at the horizon, challenge your archenemies and pray to the gods that the legion of competitors don’t have a secret agenda.

Curious to see what’s new?


1. Mashable: Facebook Unveils Shared Photo Albums

For those of you firmly believing that sharing is caring, Facebook found a way to let you better connect with all your friends – at once – by creating shared photo albums, where everybody invited can add to your album.


2. All Things Digital: The Quiet Mobile Giant: With 300M Active Users, WhatsApp Adds Voice Messaging

This month, the quiet mobile giant WhatsApp, finally decided to give its app the voice it deserved. No, really… you can now send voice messages too.


3. The Next Web: Rdio Challenges Pandora With New Personalized Music Stations Powered by The Echo Nest

Coming as a direct challenge to archenemy Pandora’s recommendation engine, Rdio’s new FM station promises to make the battle even more… personalized.


4. TechRadar: Samsung Galaxy Gear Release Date, News and Rumours

Ever since the rumors of an iWatch emerged, a great smart-watch battle started to loom at the horizon, making everyone excited about the new SciFi-like gears. And it seems that Samsung is ready for the fight.


5. The Guardian: Google Disables Microsoft’s Windows Phone Youtube App

For those of you still praying for a WP Youtube App, you are praying to the wrong god here, since Google seems decided to hog-tie the launch. We wouldn’t hold our breath, if we were you…


6. Engadget: ASUS MeMo Pad HD 7 Review: A Budget Tablet That Punches Above Its Weight

Opening the gates to a new tablet market, ASUS now has to fend off the incoming legion of competitors… And they promise a good fight.


7. All Things Digital: Facebook to Test Its Own PayPal Competitor in Bid to Simplify Mobile Purchases

Hearing about Facebook’s ambitions in the mobile purchases field really made us wonder: is this concern about the greater good or is there a secret agenda here?


8. Cnet: LG G2 Has Zippy ‘800’ Processor, Back-Panel Controls

In a brave attempt to challenge their number one enemy – Samsung, LG unveiled the newest flagship handset, rumored to be the company’s most ambitious smartphone yet. Could this be the beginning of an era?


9. Tech Republic: Fact Sheet: Microsoft Windows 8.1

Preparing to update Windows to the most anticipated version 8.1, Microsoft announced the RTM version, promising the release as a free update starting October 18th… Curious to see what’s new?


10. Mashable: Moto Maker: Motorola Gets Moto X’s Custom Design Right

Making a comeback on the smartphones’ arena, Motorola launched their new handset – Moto X – with great expectations… and great matching colors too. Are you ready to prove your artistic skills?