The April Pinkletter

As legends become real and new alliances arise to challenge the leaders, keep all your friends close and get ready to perfect your social interactions. Now step up from the crowd and raise your glass for Linux.

Is your excitement clouded with doubts or is your smartphone really trespassing your privacy? You should have known that good things never come for free, anyway.


1. CrunchGear: The White iPhone Is Official, Available April 28

As days go by, we no longer believe in fairy tales and pixies. But after months of hopin’ and dreamin’  and broken promises, it appears that the now legendary white iPhone has been spotted. And this time is for real.

2. Wired: Spotify Further Limits Free Service: Hint Of U.S. Launch (Again)?

For some time, the news of Spotify’s launch stateside got us all excited. But will it still worth the waiting after all the limitations? We should have known by now that good things never come for free…

3. Jason Yormark: RockMelt Review: Social Media Web Browser

Enjoy communicating and sharing web content with all your friends on Facebook and Twitter? This new little web browser, RockMelt, now makes sure you’ll never get rid of them… metaphorically speaking.

4. PC Mag: CloudTalk Launches Voice Social Network For iPhone And Android

Have you been asking yourself how could you possibly improve your social media experience? CloudTalk did. And it added some new voice-based features that will now perfect your social interactions with emotions…

5. ZD Net: Twenty Years of Linux According to Linus Torvalds

The date of Linux’s real anniversary might be a little fuzzy for us, but why would it matter, anyway? We’re happy to wish Linux a happy anniversary and good luck in challenging Microsoft…

6. New York Times: Amazon Malfunction Raises Doubts About Cloud Computing

The excitement for cloud computing got “clouded” with doubts when Amazon’s services failed deplorably for two days in a row. Now we can’t help but wonder: was our fascination for cloud computing rather dangerous and hasty?

7. PC World: Secure Your Life in 12 Steps

In the twisted and complicated virtual world, being totally secure became almost a legend for the majority... Step up from the crowd and get safe, using these twelve easy steps towards a careless life.

8. The Wall Street Journal: The Really Smart Phone

It’s creepy enough that we’re never totally secure on the world wide web, but now we’re lab rats? Are we really using our smartphones, or are they using us instead?

9. Mashable: LinkedIn Launches Revamped Developer Platform

After months of hard work and testing, it’s finally out! LinkedIn announced the launching of its new (and of course, improved) developer platform… and it comes with promises of  “significantly faster” loadings.

10. The Wrap: YouTube Finally Goes Hollywood With New Movies On Demand Service

Finally someone is threatening iTunes’ supremacy over the online videos… And apparently YouTube got everyone on board. Careful Apple… we hear this one is a real challenge.