The April Pinkletter

This month, get ready to change the history and to take part in a spring fest, as you celebrate 40 years of mobile phones.

And now that Twitter is honoring its promises, new devices are ready to make an impression while Yahoo! is slowly clawing its way back from the grave…

So take a bow for Vine’s success and get ready to explore the town!


mashable-fb-home1. Mashable: Mark Zuckerberg Reveals ‘Facebook Home’ for Android

For those of you still patiently waiting for the unveiling of the most anticipated Facebook Phone, we have great news: it is finally here. The bad news is that it isn’t actually a phone.

businessinsider2. Business Insider: HTC One Review

Everyone knows that Android devices are usually not much to look at… but not anymore, because with the launch of HTC’s new flagship smartphone – HTC One, history is about to change.

techradar3. Techradar: Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

When it comes to launching new devices, we all expected for spring to be a true feast… but the new handset from Samsung is definitely exceeding our expectations. Ready to meet the new S4?

telegraph4. The Telegraph: Mobile Phone at 40: High-Tech Talk

Enjoying our curved, shiny and light-weighted smartphones, we often forget that the mobile phone has come a long way, starting from over two pounds weight and 20 minutes battery life…

venture-beat5. Venture Beat: Twitter #Music Launches On iPhone & Web To Help You Find The Best Trending Tunes

After a month of speculations, Twitter finally launched the promised app for iPhone and web to help us discover great music to listen to.

the-verge6. The Verge: Vine Is Now The Number One Free App In The US App Store

Since it was released – back in January – Twitter’s Vine seems to have gotten everyone’s attention and it rapidly became the most downloaded free app in the App Store… did you downloaded it yet?

engadget7. Engadget: Kobo Unveils Limited Edition Aura HD e-reader

In a scene where parameters are largely defined by two giants (Amazon and Barnes&Noble), new devices have to really make an impression to be noticed. And the new Kobo Aura HD is definitely noticeable.

guardian8. The Guardian: Vdio Streaming TV And Film Service Goes Live In The US And UK

Aiming to become a ‘global entertainment platform’, Rdio has now a sister company, Vdio – a TV and movie equivalent of a playlist. Ready to share?

mashable-foursquare9. Mashable: Hans On with The New Foursquare

For those of you religiously using Forsquare, you will be thrilled to find out that the new 6.0 version is ready for download… armed with a larger check-in button and some other cool features, get ready to explore the town!

wired10. Wired: Yahoo’s Mobile Push Continues With Weather, Tablet Mail Apps

Slowly clawing its way back from the grave, this month Yahoo! enriched its mobile repertoire with two more apps – Yahoo! weather and a tablet version for Yahoo! Mail app. And they really deserve your attention.