The April Pinkletter

This month, get ready to face a worthy opponent and to enrich the Clouds with a Creative one, while challenging everyone in your way…

And now that the Cloud war is on and AWS Marketplace steps on some toes, prepare yourself for silent updates and big tech deals on the agenda.

Is is too soon to worry about Facebook’s IPO?

1. VentureBeat: XEOPlay’s Beautiful iOS Game Tilt World Strives to Make a Real-World Impact

Have you ever worried about global warming while playing games? Neither did we… but XEOPlay’s CEO did, and she created Tilt World.

2. Techcrunch: See It To Believe It: AOL Is Launching AOL On, A Video Network To Drive Video Ad Sales

After all this years of undeniable supremacy, YouTube is about to face a worthy opponent…or at least it’s what AOL’s CEO says.

3. Mashable: Adobe Launches $50-a-Month ‘Creative Cloud’ With CS 6

Along with a new and improved version of the popular line of design software – Creative Suite (meaning CS 6), Adobe finally stepped up and enriched the Cloud-s with a Creative one…

4. Cnet: Microsoft releases Skype 1.0 for Windows Phone

Since Skype already has available apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, it was only a matter of time before Microsoft joined the team… and this month, it did, releasing Skype 1.0 for Windows Phone.

5. The Wall Street Journal: Google Unveils Drive Storage Service

With the latest launches and upgrades, it seems that Google started on a mission to conquer the world (wide web), challenging everyone in its way… and this time is Dropbox’s turn.

6. Addictive tips: Hands-On With The Official SkyDrive Desktop Client For Windows & Mac [Review]

With so many Cloud-based applications launched in the past months, it seem that the battle for supremacy moved high in the sky. So the Cloud war is on!

7. Gigaom: Amazon Launches Cloud App Store (And Eats Ecosystem?)

Now that the Cloud is getting more crowded with each day, AWS decided to launch an app store, making its users happy. But isn’t AWS Marketplace a bit of a double-edged sword?

8. Mail online: Facebook Growth Slows Down ‘Rapidly’ – And Leaves Investors Worried Over Social Network’s Debut On Stock Market

After such a fulminating success, Facebook’s growth started to slow, just before it went public in the biggest Internet IPO…Is it too soon to worry?

9. Digital Trends: Firefox 12 Is Here, Silences Annoying Windows UAC Warnings

Have you ever dreamed of silent updates to your chosen browser – Firefox? Now you have it. Here’s what to expect from the new Firefox 12…

10. VentureBeat: 5 Tech Deals That Need To Happen

While there’s no way to know how things will change in this ever-changing world wide web or which big deal will be next on the agenda, here are five tech deals that make sense and need to happen…