The Anatomy of a Landing Page that Converts

Although it’s simple to create a landing page, making a successful one can be tricky. There is no clear-cut way of making a high conversion landing page. However, there are a number of tried and true elements that you can implement on your landing page to increase the number of leads:

  1. Have a brief but engaging headline. Your headline is the first thing your visitors will see, so you want it to be concise, simple to understand and captivating at the same time.
  2. Create a sub headline that points out the advantages of your product, service, offer, etc. It should extend the information in your headline. It goes without saying that your grammar should be perfect.
  3. Include bullet points that highlight the advantages of what you are selling or promoting. Be concise, since attention span on the web is pretty short.
  4. Add a form or call-to-action button. In the form, include only essential information you want from the visitor, such as email and name. If you have a call-to-action button, make it stand out from the page. Use colors and designs that will attract attention. These elements should be above the fold, where the most important parts of the page are. Interesting fact: 80% of people spend their time above the fold.
  5. Include compelling images and / or videos. An image is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. Pictures and videos stand out and will help visitors have a better understanding of your content.
  6. Add testimonials to help establish trust in the visitor’s mind. Note that the testimonials should not be vaguely relevant to your product or service. They also serve to reinforce the statements you are making.
  7. Don’t include links to your website. Removing site navigation will decrease the chances that the visitor will leave your page by clicking on other distracting links.
  8. Provide social buttons to encourage users to share your landing page. These social media buttons are just some of the very few navigational options a landing page should include.

Following these tips can have a positive impact on your page’s conversion rate. Just make sure you are always tweaking your page by running A/B tests and changing images, copy or the forms to see what attracts the most leads.