The September Pinkletter – Best Marketing and Business Tips of September 2018


Did you know that pink was the first color of life on earth? That’s right, pink colored bacteria lived in West Africa 1.1 billion years ago. This, I think, adds new meaning to our Pinkletter – that marketing wisdom is like oxygen to business growth – or something like that! Anyway, here are our top marketing and business tips for this month.

1. Mobile Shopping Now Accounts for Over 50% of Online Transactions

It has recently been reported that more customers now use their smartphones for transactions than desktop computers in many countries. This means that owners of e-commerce websites should be focusing on mobile optimizations now more than ever. Read about it here. 

2. Email Marketing Optimization Tips and Case Studies [Infographic]

While email marketing can seem like a lot of effort, ignoring its benefits would be a huge mistake. It’s a quick way to reach your subscribers, and if you have a good CRM system, it’s also an easy way to gather useful data. Take a look at these optimization tips.

3. How to Fire Someone: A Step-by-Step Guide to Letting an Employee Go

Most managers dread the thought letting go of employees. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to help the tough conversation go a little more smoothly. Check out this step-by-step guide.

4. 29 Creative Ways to Find Employees Online & Off

Companies often struggle to find great employees who will add value to their business. The good news is that there are a lot more ways to find great employees besides online job boards. Here are 29 other tactics to try.

5. 25 of the Best Examples of Effective FAQ Pages

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) pages help your business preliminarily respond to the needs of your audience. The FAQ page is a prime way to help people visiting your site to get to their intended destination faster. Check out these outstanding examples of FAQ pages.

6. The Ultimate Guide to Entrepreneurship

With up to 90% of startups destined to fail, entrepreneurship sure isn’t easy. However, entrepreneurialism is still an extremely attractive path for those people who see the risks as an exciting challenge. If you’re considering going down that path or looking to hone your skills, take a look at this comprehensive entrepreneurial guide.

7. Increasing Customer Engagement: Five Tactics to Use

Nurturing existing customer relations is not as easy as finding new ones, but it is far more important for most businesses to tend to their loyal, repeat clients. At the heart of all this nurturing is customer engagement. Check out five tactics you can use for successfully increasing your customer engagement.

8. How to Use Storytelling to Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts [Infographic]

Storytelling has always been an effective way to share information and build relations and every business should use some form of it in their marketing. But to make the biggest impact, check out this infographic to help make your story both accurate and human.

9. Why Choosing the Right Words for Your Marketing Campaign Can Be More Important Than How Much You Spend (Video)

Oftentimes, a single sentence that is clear, concise and appealing to a target audience can have a huge impact in marketing. So plan for which targeted words will help you find the right market for your business. Watch the video to learn more.

10. How to Get a Small Business Loan in 3 Steps

A small business loan is frequently necessary during the growth of any business. However, it can be difficult to obtain one if you don’t know where to look. Check out these 3 tactics to help you get the loan you need to expand your business.