Photoretouching Magic: 30 Breathtaking Print Ads

We all want to command pictures and colors to take the shapes we desire… And you don’t need a magic wand or to fall deeply asleep in order to bring your dreams to life. In the matter of creating outstanding images, the best way to set your imagination free is by using some of the magical photo retouching techniques.

(Bright Pink Agency for So Tattooed)

But we’re not the only sorcerers in this worldwide kingdom. We went searching for some other amazing prints that will leave you speechless every time you lay your eyes on them.

What we all love about fashion and cosmetic industry is the refreshing imagination everybody uses just to get your attention. Either on the runway or in print ads, nothing is spared: in these domains, the search for perfection knows no boundaries. And all we can do is to sit back and enjoy the show, as they bring to life the most dashing ideas using the photo retouching spells.

(“A brave new world”)
(Hawaiian Tropic – “Extreme Waterproof”)
(Gisele Bundchen for Ipanema)

And speaking in the language of fashion, this is what we call a drink with style. You could almost feel the heat on your skin just by looking how everything is slowly melting under your eyes… We bet you’re really thirsty now, aren’t you?


You still wonder what fashion and sport have in common? We think we might have just found the answer: amazing print ads. At the very first glance you can feel the energy sweeping you away. These images are so dynamic and so daring, than you could find yourself wishing you could go out there and play.

(“Tirreno Adriatico – the race of the two seas”)
(Football Federation Australia)
(Riffel – “You were born with liberty running in your veins”)

We know a few things about technology, but if there’s one thing we are absolutely sure about is that time never freezes. Except when we tell it to, for one split second… at least it’s what this beautiful print for Olympus makes us believe.

(Olympus – “E620 with built-in image stabilization”)

Now let’s take a ride in a world of technology and speed. These designers really put their passion for cars in creating something to dream about. Is this what your dreams are made of?

(“Lancia confesses its passion for great movies”)
(Subaru – ” While you stare at the landscape, the landscape admires you”)

Be careful though… we never said this fairytale has a happy end for everyone. The ride could always turn into nightmares. We just love the way this retouched picture made us care so much more when it comes to our pretty cars… nicely done.

( Honda – “Use original parts”)

And when it comes to animal rights ad campaigns, every artistic detail has its own expression of loneliness and neglect and creating an impressive visual effect, so every time you look at these images they really touch your heart. We gathered some of the most amazing ads where the pictures speak for themselves.

(WWF – “Rubbish can be recycled. Nature cannot.”)
(Bank of the Planet – “Renewable energy sources mean nothing unless we renew our energy consumption habits”)
(“To make a leather coat, 120 babies are being used.”)

Absorbed by our everyday worries, we forget that not only animals are being treated with cruelty and coldness, but also the thousands unprivileged others. They are silently fading, but photo retouching in these prints helps their cry for help reach out to us. Sometimes images are really worth a thousand words.

(“Thousands of women in Israel are held against their will in the prostitution industry. Don’t be an accomplice.”)
(“Refugees would want to have the same worries you have.”)
(“The longer you live on the street, the harder it is to get off it.” –  Won the silver for best print for May 2010 on Adds of the World and was one of The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival 2010 winners.)
Turns flowers into fruits, soil into food, brick into houses, children into students, present into future. Water turns people into persons. Eliminating thirst is just one of the things that water can do for Africa. That’s why the AVSI Foundation is building an aqueduct to carry drinking water to the districts of Gatsibo and Gicumbu in Rwanda and digging wells for the communities that live in the country of Torit in Sudan. Support AVSI and help us build a future and give the African people back their dignity.”)

It might not be strictly human-rights related, but nowadays anti-smoking campaigns practically became a part of our everyday life. And although most of them seem horrifying and unbearable to look at, the meaning we give to these images through creative retouching might, some day, change someone’s life.

(“Cigarettes smoke people”)
(“Stop consuming your body”)

And you know what else is part of our everyday life? Art, of course… art, under any form you can think of. Everything about it enchants our senses and make us forget about anything else and enjoy the show. Just like we enjoyed these amazing print ads.

(“Large films don’t fit in here” – The 1st International Metro Short Film Festival)

(“Rock in the woods – open-air festival in Northeim city”)

And if you think photo retouching can’t be fun, we dare to prove you wrong. But this time, you’ll gonna have to leave all your worries behind and be… all ears! This ad for Hugman FM really raised the passion for radio to another level. And we love it!

(FM Hugman)

And speaking about funny, we found another print that once you look at it, you will find yourself laughing.

(“Don’t let wood get old”)

We saved for last something that will surely make your days brighter… compared to his days, anyway. You think it’s disgusting? We find every one of these dirty details amazing and fun.

(Dirty jobs – “The worst is yet to come”)

Now that we put you under the photo retouching spell, our job here is done. So as you find yourself dreaming of some fairy images and dashing scenarios,  you will surely find that the world will never look the same. And we would be happy to make all these dreams come to life for you, so feel free to drop us a line.


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