Older & Wiser: Happy Birthday, BrightPink Studio!

Everybody hates Mondays with their morning hours, alarm clocks, huge coffee cups, and traffic. And we sometimes hate them too… but not today: today we’re ready to blow the candles for the second anniversary of the brightest pink on the web: BrightPink Studio.

What started as a young woman’s passion for design grew up to be a successful web & graphic design studio that brings ideas and dreams to life, giving them a bold and sparkling professional image. We’re happy we took this challenge and made the best of it by proving the talent and the professionalism in us, building strong relationships with our clients, many of which, in the meanwhile, have become our friends.

So we want to thank everyone for being with us for the past two years, for encouraging and trusting us, and for making us who we are: a flourishing business that just got older and wiser. Thanks to our clients for their faith (…and money), to our friends and families for the moral support (…and patience, when skipping dinners and family get-togethers) and to our employees and collaborators for their hard work on those endless days (… and sometimes nights)… and of course, special thanks to our wonderful and talented art director, Madalina Iordache-Levay (… who should really take a break sometimes).

There’s so much more we could add to this, but nothing says more than the work we have done. If you want to learn more about us, please visit our website to watch the steps that lead us to this day.

Happy Birthday, BrightPink Studio!!!!

By Bright Pink Agency

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