The November Pinkletter

Best November 2016 tech web marketing news

This month, get ready to insta-shop while daydreaming of an array of voice-activated fake news. The far-right activists karma fell from the sky straight into China, where censorship proved to be a Hero of Platinum membership. Pass the remote please, the wi-fi is off.

1. Everything you need to know about Instagram͛s shoppable photos

Instagram is preparing to release a new shopping feature that many have been asking for. Basically, retailers will be able to add direct links – in the form of ͚Shop Now calls to action – into photos. This feature promises to break the barrier between content and commerce on Instagram.

2. Google Daydream View Review: Mobile VR Done Mostly Right

Virtual reality is a big thing this year with Facebook’s Oculus being released. Now, Google has released its own VR headset and controller, aptly named Daydream View. The gadget is compatible only with the new Pixel phones for now.

3. Google Home Review

Google has also released its own voice-activated speaker and it’s great at answering questions (and doing other things like playing music). It almost looks like a smaller and slicker version of R2D2, if you look closely.

4. Facebook, Google Take Steps To Confront Fake News

In the aftermath of the elections, there were rumors that Facebook was used to publish fake news that would influence the elections. Although Zuckerberg denies these accusations, Facebook and also Google now take steps to combat fake news on the web.

5. Twitter Suspends American Far-right Activists’ Accounts

Speaking of social media abuses around the elections, Twitter has suspended the accounts of a number of American far-right activists. This was done hours after announcing a renewed push to crack down on hate speech.

6. Facebook Said to Create Censorship Tool to Get Back Into China

Facebook is making efforts to get back into China, which is not surprising considering China’s huge population. The Redmond tech giant is building a censorship tool to facilitate reentering the world’s second biggest economy.

7. GoPro’s Drone Initiative Crashes With Karma Recall

GoPro has recalled its line of Karma drones due to the UAV units falling from the sky. With such an awful start, GoPro’s dreams of competing in the drone market are likely dead in the water.

8. GoPro Launches Remo, A Waterproof Voice-Activated Remote Control For Hero5 Cameras

On a brighter note for GoPro, the company has launched a new accessory for Hero5 cameras: a waterproof voice-activated remote control called Remo. The gadget supports tasks like starting or stopping recording, taking photo bursts, taking pictures and more. Extreme sports enthusiasts rejoice!

9. Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation

Despite not being great pals in the distant past, Microsoft has joined the Linux Foundation as a high-paying Platinum member. This change, however, comes naturally since Microsoft has been a big contributor to Linux over the past several years.

10. Netflix Finally Adds the Ability to Download Content

Netflix mobile users can now download content to watch offline. This new feature should improve Netflix’s prospects in markets like India where users have poor or limited connectivity.