Launching Foundation Art Services New Website

Once you enter the world of Foundation Art Services, the beauty of their work speaks for itself. And it was only fair to design a new website that could masterly present their art and craft to do them justice.

Since we’re aware of the futility of too many introductory words, we proudly present you the new and highly improved Foundation Art Services website.

Focusing on providing an improved user experience, the new design concentrates on creating a more refined and stylish look, making it easier to shop and to fully enjoy all the features this e-commerce system has to offer.

The website opens with a simple and elegant interface that makes it easy to reach the three main categories of products (Mirrors, Art, Frames), their subcategories (via stylish dropdown menus) their projects showcase (via a slideshow which adds a touch of dynamism to the page) and their social media pages .

Every product on the website has a dedicated page where you can find everything you need to know about it. The drop-down menu it displays makes it easy to select options and the navigation between products of the same category is just one click away. We are especially proud of the special module of Framing and Matting, where you can play around to see how your favorite piece of art looks with a different frame of your choice, when clicking. And the prices will automatically change along with each frame you choose, keeping you updated.

And if you like to find a representative in your state, check out the interactive map on the Find a Rep page. Just hover on the state you’re interested in, and all the important details will appear to you in a hovering red window.


However, the center of attention – and our main reason of pride – is the fully custom shopping cart system we designed specifically for the needs of their business. The administration interface is incredibly easy to use, offering the features and options that will satisfy  any exigency, allowing our clients to quickly manage their online store.

From the user/visitor side, once you started shopping and made up your mind, the shopping cart will display the chosen products with all its attributes, from thumbnail and description to quantity and price, offering at the same time the benefits of an easy administration of the cart’s content by removing or updating your choices within the same page.

And since it’s important to offer all the details, we made sure our clients know exactly what to expect: the checkout form displays the handling fee, and once the mailing address was inserted, the live integration with UPS, USPS and FedEx will automatically calculate the cost, providing a detailed and precise bill.


Our e-commerce system also has integrated user accounts that stores the registered buyers information for easy checkout and saves their purchase history. It also enables discount levels that our clients can assign to each client and which automatically update the prices displayed to reflect the adjusted costs.

Since we are tailoring the shopping cart system for each of our clients, we make sure their administration modules are as easy as they can be: no redundant features to get in the way of quickly managing the products, just straight-to-the-point options, clear organization and clean display of results.

If all this made you curious about this website and its extraordinary features, visit to learn more about it. And if you need someone to raise your expectations and to bring all your ideas to life, we’d love to take on the challenge.