How Much for a Logo?

Your logo design is the face of your company or organization. Making a good first impression to potential customers depends largely on your company’s logo. But it also depends on its brand identity as a whole. A successful logo should be instantly recognizable and must represent your ideals and business model. Depending on who you hire, achieving this goal is not very easy. It turns out, asking ‘how much for a logo?’ is a bit like asking ‘how much for a house?’. The most common answer is: “it depends!”.

Though we disclose our pricing upfront (or least general guidelines, where not possible), you should know that there are many factors that make up the cost of a logo.

When you hire a professional branding agency

From a professional design firm’s standpoint, the price for a logo depends on several factors: expertise, demand, project specification, turnaround time, current economy, and service and support. Therefore, most agencies won’t give you a quote before a design brief is in place.

Although logos make the first impression, additional designs are also required if you are serious about creating a brand for your company. For instance, a color palette will add to the identity of your venture. Black and white versions of the logo may come in handy for iterations like invoices or stamps. Professional companies most often include the price for a logo in the whole branding package, if the customer chooses this option.

What about those cheap logos?

You can buy a cheap logo from sites such as Fiverr or through design contests with prices under $100. However, the quality of these logos can leave much to be desired. The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ definitely applies here.

If you want a professional logo that represents your company the best way possible, consider hiring an experienced graphic design or a branding firm. They understand your needs and have previous experience with branding implementation. You can expect it will cost anywhere between rates: $500 – $5,000 for a standalone logo (whether new or redesigned) and $5,000 – $20,000 for a logo with a branding package.

To sum it up, you can find out how much a logo will cost you only after you’ve consulted a design company and told them your expectations. If you are a startup who takes his / her business seriously, it’s strongly recommended to invest in your company’s entire brand. This includes the logo, design implementation, market research, vision boards, touchpoints, and more.

By Bright Pink Agency

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