Welcome to Pink Ink


Soon after I created BrightPink Studio, in November 2008, I started planning for the right blog to go with it. One that is not as personal as my art blog, where I mostly write about upcoming shows and new art releases, but a blog that is design-oriented and where I can share my experience, inspiration and resources. That’s how Pink Ink came up. It took a while to bring it up live – because paying clients come first, right? – but here it is and I hope you find it interesting… If not now, maybe after a few articles fill the blanks…

Although at the moment time is not much of my friend and I barely have time to update my portfolio, let alone to put down my string of thoughts in writing, I will try to make this blog a resourceful place for graphic and web designers. Feel free to comment and interact and make sure to check the Inspiration and Resources pages – two lists of links I cannot live without!