Color Of The Year 2013: Emerald Green

As you already know, each year Pantone Inc. releases its annual trendsetter Color Report and suddenly the chosen color becomes ubiquitous – from runway to interior design, business cards and website layouts.

So in a fascinating contrast with last year’s bold Tangerine Tango, 2013’s “It” color is the vivid Emerald Green.


What you don’t know about this beautiful color is that aside from promoting balance and harmony, many years ago it also promoted death – being a poisonous copper-acetoarsenite pigment and emanating deadly fumes from the colored walls…

But escaping its inglorious past, this lush blue-green color is now raised on a pedestal, governing with elegance the world of fashion and design, enhancing our senses with feelings of balance and harmony.

So to celebrate the coming reign of emerald green, we searched the web and gathered some beautiful examples of websites painted in emerald green.






With all these having been said (and shown), let this year’s crowned color brighten your design with its vibrant hues and let your creativity burst into a rainbow of brilliant ideas, while fantasizing on meaningful variations and shades of emerald green.

And if you want to share your opinion on this matter, please leave a comment and we will be happy to hear all about it.