10 Tips for Expressing Your Brand on Social Media

Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, having a social media presence is an important element in any company’s marketing strategy. Below you can find 10 of the best tips to effectively promote your brand on social media:

  1. Make sure your profile photo and cover image match your website style and reflect your branding.
  2. Know what your audience loves about your brand. This will help you capture their interest with useful and/or interesting content.
  3. Create original content (such as blog posts or case studies) for your website, then share it on your social media to drive traffic.
  4. You don’t only have to post original content. Links to articles on other websites also attract viewers, provided they are relevant your business.
  5. Use branded images for each social media post. Posts with images get considerably more engagement than posts with just plain text.
  6. In your posts, captions and comments, use a consistent voice that reflects your brand (whether it’s serious, casual, humorous, playful etc.).
  7. Make a social media calendar and stick to it. Posting content using a schedule not only saves you time, but it also makes your content look more organized.
  8. Add calls to action that promote your products or services to your audience. Facebook provides various options regarding audience targeting in calls to action.
  9. See what posts engage more with your followers using analytics/insights and use the information to improve the content you are posting.
  10. Don’t be afraid to post the same content on all platforms. However, your posts might require a few tweaks, depending on the platform. For instance, interactions are highest on Instagram posts with over 11 hashtags.

As long as you stay true to your brand and provide fresh and relevant content on a regular basis, your brand building efforts will ultimately pay off.